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As an olympic skier, Victor White has had to prove his determination to succeed on several occasions. First he had to win competitions to get noticed by professionals, then come back after serious injuries, and finally deal with some awful personal hardships. Despite all of these, he’s always managed to get back on his feet and look forward.

Family and Life Structure To Stay Motivated

In this interview, he tells us about how he managed to do all that at only 22 years old, and shares what helps him stay focused and find motivation when he feels down. He started with mentioning the importance of having structure in his life: when he feels sad, useless, or  just… Feels like he’s wasting his time, it’s usually because his life lacks “structure”. To the athlete he is, that sort of thing is more important than we could imagine. Practicing, working out, and everything that comes with it are activities that have become part of his life now. So when he stops doing them, it’s almost like he’s not following the right rhythm, like something is going wrong in his life… Which can escalate into some deeper levels of stress and sadness. So first solution? Keep a rhythm. Keep some structure.

But that’s not all, talking with his family-and especially his uncle-helps Victor remember that some people are there for him. Even if they’re in Barbados and he’s skiing in Sweden. To me, these two things are actually very close to each other. Sort of different expressions of a single thing: doing something you like. Working out is very important for Victor because that’s step one of him improving and becoming an even better athlete, so when he does it, he gets in touch with his inner self, listens to him and thus gets rid of depression. But he’s not wrong either, the idea of “structure” is very important indeed, and sport and family both represent it for him. There’s this idea of continuity that always brings comfort in our lives. We feel like there’s something we can hold onto and they help us get rid of bad vibes quite easily, and in the long run. That’s the reason I found his explanation particularly interesting: he didn’t know exactly why these worked for him, but I’m pretty sure what I just told you has a lot to do with it. Oh and, bonus point for the fact that these two sources of happiness are rather sustainable. They can keep bringing you joy even after the worst happens, like it did with Victor’s dad.

Seeing The Best Even In The Worst Things

Victor lost his dad to cancer right after he became an olympic athlete and decided to represent his paternal origin country: Barbados. Of course, that’s a super sad topic that I tried not to dive in, in respect to Victor’s own privacy, and just… Well decency, I guess. I mean I do want to bring my audience the most helpful life advice possible and I love to get deep into someone’s personality… But not to the detriment of my own values. I guess what I’m trying to say is I’m not Logan Paul. Get it?

However, Victor really did mention his father a lot and I ended up noticing that he had no problem talking about it. Accepting his sadness became a source of strength for him and I found that literally mind-blowing. Because despite how awful cancer is, and how much he’s suffered because of it, Victor still believes that his life could be much worse than it is, and he reminds himself very often in order to keep pushing and keep working to make his dreams come true. Jordan Harry told me that he does the same thing to stay focused and never feel sorry for himself, by the way.

Goals As Big As His Dreams

You could assume that Victor being a super successful athlete with tons of trophies and a great ranking at only 23… He wouldn’t have much left to dream of. Well that would be wrong. I mean he did go through this phase he described as “finding bigger dreams” but it didn’t last that long, as he is now aiming at even crazier things. Being a professional skier was his dream as a kid, but now he wants to be part of the next Winter Olympics AND join one of the most famous Universities of Sweden to prepare his “after-ski career”.

Unfortunately for me, I can only imagine what it’s like having to “upgrade” my dreams because I made mines come true a bit too fast. But I was really inspired by Victor’s words as he started to unveil his goals. Going back to uni after everything he’s done, all the countries he’s competed in, all the travels, the vlogs, the missed planes… I would probably be scared to go back there but he is not. He’s not leaving his athlete career aside, and yet already preparing for his retirement… At 23! He told me that he used to be a “doer”, someone who takes action without thinking twice, but that he’s now evolved a little and this anecdote I just told you proves it perfectly. He’s not dreaming, he’s planning. He wants a private jet, yes. But that’s not even a dream, it’s a goal. It’s not the ultimate thing, it’s a step he needs to take so that he can then do even bigger things.

Talking to Victor felt like diving deeper and deeper into an incredibly rich and loveable personality and I feel like we barely scratched the surface in our one-hour long chat… So we are going to do it again soon! I mean… Probably in a few months, but still, pretty soon! For now you can check THIS episode RIGHT NOW on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, iHeartRadio and literally every podcast services. Just type “MaxSolaro” in the search bar and you’ll find it!


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