Last episode before Christmas… And last episode of the year for Waves Podcast! To celebrate this, I wanted a guest who embodied this festive period… So who better than the extra positive Urbanfux?

Is it Jenny… Or Urban?

Since I know Jenny personally, and she’s a good friend of mine, I wasn’t sure how I should call her during this interview. Jenny? Urbanfux? Urban? Well the answer was: all of these.

Indeed, Jenny happily explained the differences between her real self and the online persona she has created and exhibited on her livestreams, on YouTube. Urbanfux is a lot more confident and outgoing than Jenny, a shy girl but nonetheless very positive. I really do feel like I got to talk to both of these girls during the interview and it was truly amazing to get to learn stuff about a friend, while rediscovering the streamer I have been watching for a while now… In fact I even played with her! The Last Of Us and Uncharted for the win! 

Stranger… Not always danger

The simple fact I know and am friend with Jenny comes from us both being comfortable talking to stranger on the Internet. Even when you’re shy, technology makes it easier for you to get to meet people and that’s what happened with us, through friends of friends of friends.

Actually, Jenny isn’t that shy. Or maybe she is. I don’t know, I’m kind of lost. She explained to me that her shyness varies depending on the situation and while she did go and meet people she had never ever seen before to attend a Tomb Raider convention, she would not be comfortable speaking in front of a class doing a presentation or such.

And it usually works out for the best. I mean, stranger does equal danger, but not always. We have a lot to learn from people we don’t know and being open to conversation can bring a lot of good things in our and their lives. I personally had a similar experience back in the UK, as I joined a group of creatives on Facebook and saw that they organized a meeting in a London studio. I immediately booked my tickets and got super excited… Until the day I had to go.

When I got closer to the point where I had to leave, to get out of my comfort zone, I got scared. I guess it’s natural and Urban told me it had happened to her too, but I started to question to whole thing despite of how excited I was before. I had to push myself to do it, just like Jenny had to push herself to start streaming. Human brains are weird and we somehow need to force ourselves to do what makes us happy sometimes, as our thoughts often get mixed up, confusing the good that WILL happen, and the bad that MIGHT happen if we do something… Which does NOT mean that meeting total strangers is the best thing to do, obviously, but if they are people who have stuff in common with you and you are meeting as a group… The risks aren’t that high.

I have to do it… Because I want to

This is one of the main things I want to remember from this conversation. Urban explained that one rule she has on her streams is that she only does what she wants to do, which may sound obvious but isn’t really. See, to “make it” on the Internet nowadays, you often need to do things that “work” more than things you want. In gaming, playing Fortnite would probably help her gain subscribers more than The Last Of Us, a game released around 5 years ago.

But doing so would go against the reason why she started to stream in the first place. She felt like it was something she would enjoy, despite how scary it was to go live and be heard by basically anybody, so she pushed herself and did it. she had to do it, because she wanted to. This is the title of this episode and it is a vital element for any content creator. A lot of people want to do what they have to do, she sees it the other way. She reverses it in order to make sure what she does always goes in the right direction, towards her well-being and happiness.

Making videos myself, I felt like I had to remember this too. It is easy to adapt your content and try to make it fit what people but that is not how success is built. You cannot force yourself to do things just to get views because people would notice it and it would be bad… Or even worse: they wouldn’t notice but you would get very sad… And maybe depressed. The reason your favorite youtuber is your favorite youtuber is that he or she was the first person to do whatever this is they do, or at least the first you saw do this. They create, they don’t follow. And so does Urbanfux.

Waffling On

I actually did not know this expression and loved it, as it is the essence of what we do on this podcast most of the time… Plus I love waffles. But yeah, as usual, we got to talk about many other things I can’t mention here: some very motivational inspiring well-being personal growth development whatever it’s called. So I really hope you guys will take a bit of your time and check out this episode, I think you might learn a few things!

In case you do want to listen to it, you can find it here on iTunes, Spotify, iHeartRadio , YouTube and all the other podcast platforms.

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