Here’s how you can support Waves Podcast !

First off, thanks a lot for showing your support by reading this page ! It really means a lot.

As you can imagine, starting a weekly podcast requires a lot of effort, and a lot of money. Creating a website and promoting the podcast is expensive and exhausting, so a financial help is always welcome. That’s why I have set up a Patreon account, where you can schedule monthly donations that will help cover these expenses. You can give 2, 5, 10€… Whatever you think Waves Podcast is worth. And in exchange, well… We give you stuff in return. Everything is detailed here, on our Patreon page !

In the long run, and if the donations are important enough, I might even be able to travel a bit in order to record Waves episodes directly with my guests, face to face. That means that I could record a video version of the podcast on YouTube (and so, post video extracts on other social media) but also greatly improve our conversations, as the interaction will be more natural than via online calls.

BUT ! That is not the only way you can help us. Indeed, following us on our social media, liking our posts and talking about Waves with your friends are very helpful things you can do… And they’re FREE. If you feel like it, you can also contact someone you would like to hear on the podcast on social media and mention us. That way, if a lot people contact one person, they might be more reactive to our emails and messages, as they’ll see that their fans wish to hear about them, making our life a LOT easier.