Ok this interview has been recorded for WAY too long but I had to take a little break so I could come back with amazing episodes of Waves Podcast! Plus I went to ski, and I find it hard to edit while schussing down a mountain. Anyway.

Stephanie Kwong is a hypnotherapist, podcast host and mindset mastery coach who I’ve been trying to have on the podcast for a few months now, but this super busy badass girl was obviously very hard to book. Not because she wasn’t interested but because she works a lot between her business, her podcast and her own self. Ironically, these are also the exact reasons I wanted to talk to her.

Where to start?

Stephanie knows a lot about how the human brain works and how we can use it to our own advantage in order to grow and feel better in general… And this knowledge that mixes brain science with psychology and quantum physics seems like a perfect bundle of make-your-own-recipe-to-happiness. What I mean by that is that, as she made it clear, there’s no unique solution to find happiness and be successful. It sounds obvious but a solution that worked for your favorite entrepreneur celebrity will probably not work for you because it doesn’t match your need and your own personality. Trying to force yourself to follow a rule that does not go well with you is just a waste of time and could potentially have a repulsive effect that makes you think “f*ck it I’m never gonna make it, I quit”… Which is not what we want.

The perfect solution does not exist. What you should look for is a solution that is right for you. To help you with this, Stephanie told us (almost) everything about the mechanism of the brain so that we can, once we understand it, start to work with it and shape our beliefs in a way that will help us reach our goals. Oh yeah and pay attention to that word, “belief”, that’s definitely a keyword here.

What’s a belief?

I will try not to paraphrase her too much here, but a belief is basically a set of knowledge that has been forced upon us since our birth. They can be good (or just facts) like “I believe I can NOT fly” but also be very bad, like say “I’m not good at school so I’m stupid”. They can originate in your parents’ opinions, your teachers’, society in general… Or even yourself sometime, as a child’s brain is quick to misinterpret adults’ words and draw unfortunate conclusions. These shape the way we act and see ourselves both consciously and unconsciously, and that’s where it gets crazy!

We think we decide what we do of our lives, what’s in our reach or not… But we really don’t. Our subconscious is 95% of our decision-making and most of us have no idea what it thinks and why it thinks that way. Therefore, being able to dive into it and to check your beliefs is key if you want to make choices completely freely. Once you’re free from these old not-updated-to-what-your-life-actually-is thoughts, you can start moving on and actually manifest what want.

Law of attraction, quantum science and brain waves

If you’re a regular here you probably what the law of attraction is. But if you don’t let’s just say that it’s a rule that works just like gravity (all the time, all around us) that makes positive energies attract other, so if you want something you need to be positive, manifest it, and at one point you’ll get it. This is very simplified and it obviously doesn’t work that easily, so Stephanie did correct the common interpretation people have of this concept. For example, she added that you also have to ACT and work towards what you want. Not only display a desire to reach it.

I was fascinated by everything she said about quantum science and how we are all surrounded by energy at all time, and how THIS energy rules what we actually get in our lives. I took the example of a guy who gets with a girl and all of sudden becomes a lot more attractive, and she analyzed each level on which this change of situation impacts HIM. From his posture, his mindset, all the way to his brain waves… Everything in him changes, making him more confident and attractive.

Oh yeah, let’s talk about brain waves and vibrations of the body in general. When she talks about energy, Stephanie often adds the idea of vibration which I’m a little more familiar with. It’s the idea that your body emits vibrations that go out to the world and come back bringing us stuff, making things happen etc. In a way, you could see these things that will happen to you as your future, which means that these vibrations have an impact on your future… Which is crazy.

But how do you do that?

Well these vibrations that have an impact on your future AND your wellbeing come mainly from your brain and heart. Stephanie first talked about the brain and how working on our mindset by updating our beliefs and focusing on positivity through meditations and tons of other methods, will help you change the way your brain vibrates… And in the long run your heart too. The consequence is that inserting positivity will attract more positivity and put you in a vertuous circle that will hopefully last for a good while!

Again, there are different ways to reach it that will be more or less efficient depending on your personality and the situation you are in right now. But Stephanie told us everything we need to know in this episode so you HAVE to check it. You owe it to yourself! I’m not even overselling it, it is slowly changing my life! Meditation, repetition, and doing it at the right times of your day, where your brain is ready for it… This will help you get there!

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