Well… Seems like I got to talk to one of my favorite artists again. Back in October I had already had a very interesting chat with rapper Nate Rose on Waves Podcast. Well this week’s episode is with his super talented friend Sober. Both are featured on one of my favorite songs of 2018 called Yes Man, a very chill vibed summer joint… So I was obviously delighted to be able to spend some time talking to yet ANOTHER up and coming artist and as a fan of his, I got super hyped when he told me about all the music he’s going to release in 2019, starting with his new single Pretty Lies available now on Apple Music and Spotify.

My first question was the most obvious one: why this stage name, Sober? And… Well I’m not going to give you the answer here, to make sure you actually have a listen – yeah, I’m evil – but I can say I was very surprised! Plus, as a content creator, or whatever is the appropriate term, this conversation was a weird mix of inspiration, introspection and realisation. Let me explain.

What is an artist?

I always try to understand my guest as much as possible and sort of get to know them and how they function. In Sober’s case, I was amazed by how clearly he sees the path between where he is and where he wants to be. He seems to have decided what his goals were a while ago, and been driving towards them on cruise control ever since. He’s not in a hurry, he knows it takes time and effort, so he just keeps working whenever he can and knows he will eventually reached his destination. I found this both inspiring and just straight up amazing. The amount of confidence and peace of mind it requires are so unnatural to me that it had to catch my attention.

I mean, as an artist, you obivously need a lot of confidence to express yourself and share it on the Internet – believe it or not, Internet people aren’t the nicest. No matter what you do, you are like a walking target to whoever will not be a fan of your work. This is just a fact that you must admit and deal with somehow if you plan on creating stuff and sharing them. But THIS right here, I mean the ability to set a goal and not freak out about whether you’re going to reach it is amazing and realizing it sort of turnt me upside down.

In the same vein, Sober has a clear vision of who he wants to be as an artist and gave me a few examples of artists he respects a lot, and I couldn’t agree more with him. The first he mentioned was Chance The Rapper and his actions to try and help the school system in his hometown, which is obviously something that should be emulated by everyone who can. He wants to be honest with his fans and “get to a point where he can give back” which is super laudable.

But having role models doesn’t mean copying them. He made a point to clarify this. He wants to exist on his own and added that when a rapper just imitates another he might get a bit of attention but it just won’t last for him, as people will quickly realize what he is doing, who he is, and his lack of honesty. Sober wants to have his own sound, as he says. Reach a point when people can hear a song and go “oh that sounds like Sober” just like we can identify Childish Gambino’s style or Chance’s voice.

This is what an artist is, and I had never really thought of it. I mean I had the same vision but just never took time to think for a bit and focus on it. Being a guy who wants to make videos and stuff that could potentially qualify as art, it is definitely a topic that needed to be dealt with for me, and I can now see what this status means. All the door it opens and how you can use them for the better.

Human beings and stuff

But we also talked about stuff that have less to do with art and more to do with just human beings. He and I share the same passion for travels but unlike me, he is more impulsive by nature and doesn’t think twice before going on a trip. For example, he mentioned a road trip across the USA that he did after dropping out of Uni… Well I dropped out of University too but… I spent my time working on other stuff. I never really took time to breathe.

In fact, this is a topic I talked about on a Bonus Episode called Life Is A Pressure Cooker – weird title, I know, that’s why I like it – as I shared my experience at this time. I was the kind of person that knows they feel bad, don’t change their behaviour… And still wonder how things aren’t better. Well the answer is simple: you need to breathe. To let some steam out. to do something else than your 9 to 5 job, or whatever activity is suffocating your spirit. The way Sober puts it was funny because it is exactly how I see things now looking back, he said “well maybe it’s just that? maybe you just need an out? Maybe it’s an easy solve!”. That’s how I feel when I think about it: I could have gotten MUCH better SO fast if I had just taken a bit of time to think a little.

This interview was a perfect Waves Podcast-type cause it’s a blend of what my guest does as a job, and who he is as a person, which is why I’m so proud to share it with you guys. We also had a lot of fun and laughed a lot, I started to do a few little games which was interesting too, and I’d love to know what you think of these.

Anyway I got to start looking for another guest next week, I’ll leave you to it, please have a listen on iTunes, Spotify, iHeartRadio , YouTube and all the other podcast platforms… AND LEAVE A REVIEW ON APPLE PODCASTS THANK YOU! 😉

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