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As Sly says it herself: she, like many of my guests, wears many different hats. From her life as an entrepreneur, to her new podcast, but also working as a dancer, and even appearing in a hit movie… She’s done MANY different things. So it was great to get a chance to talk to her and try to understand more about her journey. First, Sly told us about the way she manages her time to increase her efficiency when working from home, how she finds clients, her different marketing strategies… And tons of other tips for entrepreneurs. Then we got to the big question: “why does she do this? What motivates her?” Before finally talking about her podcast a little bit!

A Tips Gold Mine for Entrepreneurs

With all her experience in the world of marketing, first working for another company and then on her own, Sly has become particularly good at elaborating strategies to reach new clients and expand her business. Now… Obviously the tips she gave are not a completely fool proof recipe to make your business work, but it should help you understand more about the philosophy behind marketing in general, and how you should approach it.

First and foremost, nobody can tell you how to promote efficiently your product just like that *imagine me snapping my fingers Iron Man-like*. You need to figure out what suits you and your business the better, and to do that, you must go through a phase of testing first. A huge trial and error, that will enable you to look at your data and see what works the best, what’s useless… etc. This is done at different levels: what social media should you use? What audiences should you target? What kind of promotion works the best? And so on and so on. Facebook, Instagram, Google Ads (it’s the new Adwords, it entails both video ads on YouTube and normal ones on Google)… You’ll have set test budgets and see which option gives the best return on investment.

Second off, DON’T LEAVE ANYTHING ASIDE. Don’t disregard any marketing method because you might miss the one that would be the most efficient for your business. Don’t ignore anything under any circumstance… Sly also emphasized on how great the “Old” strategies can be. She, herself, when it’s sunny outside and she feels like it, starts printing flyers and hands them out on the street to let people know about her new creole, haitian dance, or history classes. Based on her experience, this technique is actually very efficient and helps create a link with potential future students.

And finally, remember that time is not your ennemy. Indeed, Sly reminded us that some of strategies may seem like not working at first but have an impact over a long period of time. That’s especially the case for handing out flyers: You’ll have a real contact with someone, maybe talk to them a little… And they might not subscribe to your class, or buy your stuff right away, but that will stay on their mind for a longer time than a simple online ad, that requires 9 exposures for 1 purchase. Instead, this person might talk about it in a conversation 2 weeks later, and that person will do the same and eventually bring you a new customer. The point is: if you only do what will bring you instant results… You might miss a lot. In the same way… Don’t forget to take care of your current customers, as they might become long term ones if they’re satisfied of your work! Long term ftw!

A Driving Force From Deep Inside

But why even do this? Entrepreneur is a tough job and although it can pay very well… It also requires a huge amount of hard work. Everyday. So if your only goal is money, you’re probably better off trying to get a high paid job working for some company than doing it on your own. That’s not Sly’s case though. She became an entrepreneur because she loves this lifestyle, but that’s not all…

As the daughter of Haitian immigrants, she has seen the way people from other countries are treated in Canada and any other country. At first they just feel different… And then start thinking they just don’t belong there, because they have no community around them. Nobody to relate to. That’s why her work is so important to her: She started to gives creole classes and many other things related to the haitian culture in order to help these immigrants and kids of immigrants connect or reconnect with their culture. Because being able to cook as your parents did, to know what their history is (both at a family and at a country level) is part of their identity. Therefore, being able help even one person reconnect with their identity or their origins is enough for Sly to keep waking up every morning and start working hard. It helps people who were lost start to feel like they’re part of a group, which is probably the most important thing for any human being.


And finally, we talked about Sly’s podcast ConvoMtl, a podcast in French in which she and a friend talk about love, life, and all millenial struggles in the chillest way. Of course, you have to know a little bit of French to get it, but since French Canadians love to mix English and French (they call it Franglais) it is the perfect way for anybody to work on their French while listening to a great podcast. And I’m not saying it’s great only because I had the chance to be invited on there as a guest, but because I really listened to many episodes and their convos helped me realize things about myself, about my life, and open my mind to a lot of topics I had never even thought about. So you should definitely go subscribe to that right away!


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