First episode ever. First interview. First Podcast.

Now add to that a naturally higher than average stress-level and you should be able to imagine how freaked out I was before this episode. I literally tried to watch videos in English to wake up my speaking ability. Might have been in vain, I’ll let you be the judge of that.

And yet after a few minutes I started to enjoy this conversation. Sarah Funk is a VERY nice girl, and that helped. I got to ask most of the questions I wanted before digressing a little. My main aim was to try and see how she had operated her transition from office job to Youtuber/influencer, and more importantly: How she got such a success in so little time. I knew a lot of people would be interested in this and as a fellow Youtuber, I’m not against a few tips on the subject.

We started chatting a bit more and for some reason I talked about myself a little, without really knowing why, and the interview took a different turn. I talked about my parents and so did Sarah, which helped me understand her a bit better. She had gotten a job  at Disney not just because she loved the company, but because her parents wanted her to have a “normal” job…. Just like mine. But now that she seems to make things work and make a living off her Internet presence, they both support her, which I hope will reassure some of you. It did reassure me. Cause yes it might be hard to announce that you’re going to make videos as a job but in the end there will be no real harm… People who care about you will support you.

Every time I think about this episode, what comes to my mind is the importance of not wasting your time. Sarah clearly said that even though she learnt a lot from working in an office, the main thing she’s kept in mind is how much she hates it. If she could go back, she would have quit earlier, she added. Another inspiration source for everybody ! Forcing yourself to do something against your will is not going to solve anything. You will keep this need to do more inside, and it will come back at one point. Obviously money means comfort, and Sarah was living comfortably in a penthouse in New York… But that did not make her happy.

As a guy who regularly goes online and looks up appartments in New York and villas in Los Angeles to dream a little, I found that reminder especially helpful. Sure you can dream of having a nice house a nice car etc, but what really matters is how. So I’ve decided that I will not get a job I hate in order to get one of these shiny stuff, for the same reason I wouldn’t do something illegal to get rich. Why do we all follow the laws so easily, but struggle to follow our own hunches? Especially when they say “don’t do this, it’s not going to make you happy”?

Education, probably. And a bit of brainwashing when we were kids too… But the good news is: We can keep learning as adults. We can perfect our education.

You should check out her Instagram and Youtube channel by the way.

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