From brand manager to model: measuring the risks and taking some

Interviewing a model was kind of risky for me: I knew literally nothing about the fashion industry. And yet I don’t regret doing it AT ALL. First because the areas in which you know nothing are the ones where you can learn the most. Second, because that risk paid. And  finally because we talked about risk taking during this interview and it was extremely interesting.

Samantha is a model and a brand manager for a tech company, she has several activities but clearly wants to become a full-time model, which I’m sure will only be a matter of a year or two. So she is currently operating a transition between what she calls her “day job” and modelling, which is more of an after-work thing for now. She keeps her job because she obviously wants to keep the salary that comes with it, but still puts a lot of effort in a change of career. She sees the risks, measures them, and acts accordingly.

In this episode she explains how she became a model, shares advice for anybody who would want to do that too, shows how much entrepreneurship it requires, before the usual Waves Podcast digression, during which we started to talk about about beauty ideals and the racist remnants that lie behind them, before talking about these infamous RISKS.

You can always go back to a 9 to 5 job

Sarah Funk had managed to save a bit of money before quitting her job which enabled her to travel for a whole year, before starting her YouTube channel. Samantha is trying to do the same. She’s building her contacts, considering hiring someone to take care of her social media, and working hard to get enough money to quit.

And she has no doubt about this. When you want something when something makes you happy, you just have to do it, she explains. She’s trying to find a safe way, without too much turbulences, but does not want to stay in this position forever. She told me that you have to measure the risks, avoid the bigger ones, but at one point you’ll have to take some. The good thing is that even if you fail, you’ll always have the option of going back to a “normal” job, at a desk. You’re never unsafe for long.

So if the risks are just temporary, if the safe way is always there… Why not trying to get more?

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