Acting, well-being, and digressing

As someone who’s always been interested in movies and acting and directing etc etc… Talking to Rebecca Knowles, a very talented actor you might have seen on The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt on Netflix, was like a dream. In fact, I even found it hard to “wake up” and remember I was recording a podcast, which explains the length of this episode. I used this opportunity to help myself and others to learn about the movie industry. How to become an actor, where to go, who to contact, websites, locations, everything. And obviously… We ended up digressing quite a bit too.

Don’t be afraid of failure… Or success

It seems odd to imagine anyone who might be afraid of success. The main reason why people don’t do what they would like to do is usually a fear of failing and the inherent doubts and self-questioning that will follow. Sure, that’s true. But what about the risks success might bring? The change of situation, a new comfort that somehow discomforts our current comfort zone? Take time, read again if necessary.

I didn’t really think about it before but my interview with Rebecca really did change my perspectives on many aspects of life. Or actually, it even made me realize stuff that had never crossed my mind before. And yes, being scared of success seems as real as being scared of failure. I think most people are aware of the dangers of their fear of failure but don’t know about their fear of success, making it even more “dangerous” for their success itself. Why being scared of that? Well because success is just as threatening for their comfort in the short run. It implies a change in behaviour and routine… Even if it offers more comfort in the long run. It’s quite complex and it took me a while to get it too, but I really do think it’s worth mentioning. Just to make sure you know about it, and don’t let it affect you.

There’s no way for you not to grow

Another “wooaaaaaw” moment was when Rebecca told me that growth and progress were actually very easy to reach. She started by explaining that the first step towards basically any goal was to give yourself permission to reach it. In your mind. Manifest a desire, to attract that thing you want. I had heard about this before, but then she added that once you start taking action and work toward completing your objectives, then you WILL grow as a human. Always.

And it’s obvious ! Because no matter what happens, whether it fails or succeeds, whether you start doubting or just do it… You will experience new things, you will learn from your wins and your losses, and these life lessons will help you progress no matter what. You overthink it? Well chances are you will notice it and that will help solve this aspect of your life. You start and it works right away? Well good for you, you’ve reached step 1 of your goal, keep going like that. So why trying to improve yourself when you know you naturally will?!

Creativity has never been more free

As a content creator, who oftens finds excuses for him not making/creating/posting more stuff, this one was eye-opening. I live in a world where it has never been that easy to create ever before. I have all I need to do it and so do you. You have a camera and a microphone in your phone. You have more free-time and better living conditions than your grandparents… Everything seems perfect for you to create, so why not doing it?

And more than just nice “perk”, this should be a duty. My ability to create freely and tell whichever story I want to tell without needing the approval of some middle-aged white dude is obviously a very nice creative freedom thing… But it could also have larger consequences. As an artist, our goal is always to bring something to people. We don’t know exactly what, or why… But we want this. Or NEED this, actually. And now, being able to create so freely means I can literally bring something to ANYONE, tell a story for the kids, for homosexuals… For homosexual kids… I can use my voice to make anyone feel better, which is incredibly inspiring for me. i can prove them that their story matters. That their voices can be heard and should be heard.

Plus my success, if success there is one day, could inspire younger people to do it too, and help even more people… etc etc. In fact, Rebecca mentioned Rachel Bloom, who created Crazy Ex-Girlfriend even though nobody knew her and ended up with a show on TV ! Things happen now and they can happen fast if you just give it a try. It might be scary at times to see all these possibilities our era offers us, but I know that this visceral reaction I get when I start thinking about it is the proof that this is EXACTLY what I should be doing. So I will.

Who knows where this podcast could go?

Rebecca’s natural positivity is contagious. After evoking those changes in the industry and new technologies that allow us to create more and more easily, she talked about Waves Podcast a little. Her explanation on how this concept is interesting was probably the biggest compliment she could have made me, so I was very happy to hear it. Also, given how nice she was, I may have to precise that she did it on her own, and for free. I know it’s weird to say it but these days… You never know.

So yeah, I might interview Jim Carrey in a few months or years, as she said, and I’m ready for it. In the meantime, if you want to listen to Rebecca and all my other guests talk about some very inspirational and motivational topics, please have a listen on iTunes, Spotify, iHeartRadio and all the other platforms.

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