Determination is the key

I’m not sure if Nate realizes it himself or not, but his story is pretty impressive. He made his first track ever on PS2 – yes, PlayStation 2… He was playing a video game – he then joined some metal and reggae bands, listened to all kinds of music… Then started to rap for fun in high school. And now he’s about to blow up in a very near future. Take it from a guy who liked Kendrick Lamar before Dr Dre etc.

So yeah, this dude loves music. All of it. And you can feel it in his songs. But what really struck me when talking to Nate Rose is the determination and self-confidence that emanates from him and from his story. He never, ever, EVER doubted that he would become a musician. He wanted to do it and did everything he could in order to reach the position he’s in now. Worked hard, made sacrifices, got a BA in Music Business with a minor in entrepreneurship. It’s hard to explain that feeling. It’s like you see someone who’s obviously successful, he tells you about himself, and you go:

“Oh, okay. So that’s why.”

It reminds me of a scene in Brooklyn Nine Nine where Andy Samberg asks super jacked Terry Crews “How do yo do it??” and he goes “Diet and work out. It’s not that hard” and Andy replies “seems pretty hard to me” ! I’m Andy, Nate is Terry. Why do I even ask him how he did it? He simply did what he was supposed to do. The simple fact that I asked the question and that it “seems pretty hard to me” but not to him, encapsulates this whole conversation we had. Nate is the type of no-bullshit-hard-worker guys who thinks about what they want, make it their goal, and strive to get there.

For some reason I’m more of a spectator at times, even though the fact that I started this podcast proves that I’m not that bad – his words, not mines. I, and probably others too, try to pretend like our success does not totally depends on us. Like a “Jesus take the wheel!!!” that lets fate/others decide what best for us.

It’s called accountability

Some things don’t depend on us, sure. But most do. In fact, it’s almost funny to see that I tend to blame myself for stuff I have no power on, and then find excuses not to work on stuff I can have actual impact on. This is something I needed to realize, and Nate made me. I was sort of shocked at some points. Or not shocked but like… A bit moved, stung… I don’t know, something like that.

It’s also funny that I learn stuff about myself every week recording this show. My guests make me realize things that had never crossed my mind. This podcast is like my own personal personal development/self-improvement book. Or whatever it’s called – and I really hope it’s doing the same for you guys !

A thousand other things…

Obviously in a one-hour episode we get to talk about more than just one topic, and I actually have to shrink it down a LOT to make it fit in a blog article. But in this episode it’s even worse. We talked about the music industry, about being passion-driven first and then business-driven and not the opposite, about Eminem, about diss tracks, about iTunes, Spotify, and how they changed the game… So many things.

I actually had to cut it short when I looked at the time and realized we had been chatting for more than an hour already. After this episode, and the ones with Samantha Damis and Jordan Harry last week, I’m really considering making some sort of after-sales service episodes, where I would chat with my guests a second time as a sort of update of the first one, so that we could talk about even more stuff. I don’t know. Next year maybe !

Oh and obviously, don’t forget to check out the full conversation on iTunes, Spotify or on all the other podcast platforms.

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