You don’t have to feel good, but if you want to…

Nabeelah is a marketing student and has a job in… Marketing related stuff. I don’t really know what it is but she does marketing. She markets. Anyway. The reason I invited her in this episode is because I discovered her through her podcast Dear You and literally fell in love. I did say it a LOT during our conversation but yeah, I really love what she does. Nabeelah opens the doors to her mind which is, just like ours, sometimes calm, sometimes hectic… And most of the time something in the middle.

What is especially nice, though, is her dedication to help others. That’s why she started her podcast and I didn’t need her to tell me that… I knew it already. It’s obvious that Nabeelah is used to helping others – which she confirmed in this episode – and that she has a lot of knowledge on this topic. She reads a lot of self-help books and you can feel it in her analysis of each topic we talked about. The lady knows her stuff.

This is Waves Podcast.

I usually try and find a sentence said by my guest in the interview and use it as a title for the episode, which can be difficult at times. These quotes are like gems and by definition, quite rare. We don’t walk around talking like if we were writing a book. Well… She kinda does. And that proves two things: She is veeery good at talking – which comes in handy when you’re recording a podcast – and she has thought of almost everything I asked about. I don’t know how to feel about this, like, if it means my questions were too obvious or not, but it was very nice to follow the flow of her thoughts, making us discover new ideas and concepts, realize things that we had never even thought about…. I called this podcast Waves Podcast, and Nabeelah is a Wave. The perfect guest. An interesting girl and an endless source of “damn, I didn’t know that!”.

That’s why I finished this episode by asking her to come back on this podcast. Every week I feel like I could have talked to my guest an hour more without being out of question… But this time I was like “Woaw ! We could actually do a whole other podcast series !”. It just felt natural, and fun… I felt like I was talking to an old friend or something like that… If that friend knew everything about self-help and personal development and self-improvement and whatever you want to call it.

To get/become better, don’t try to.

The main idea though, is that we put too much pressure on ourselves. We try to organize things we’re not sure will happen, we try to be happy at all times, we try to be strong at all times… But Nabeelah explained that it’s not how it works. Trying to avoid sadness, weakness, getting embarrassed… It’s just not how human beings work. We are supposed to do things without overthinking them, and deal with the consequences in due time. If you want to go on stage and talk, do it. Other people’s judgement shouldn’t scare you because the actual consequences are almost non existent. If you want to be strong well stop trying to fight your emotions and especially your sadness. Accepting them and embracing them will bring you peace in the long run.

On the whole, overthinking, trying too hard to be happy and improve yourself will only bring emotional distress. Or as Nabeelah said it: “You won’t get clarity just by thinking about it. Only anxiety.” Yet another proof of her quote-making skills. She said she wanted to start a blog but didn’t manage to write and preferred to talk on a podcast but… There are some books waiting to be written, and some readers waiting for these books.

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