Learning, learning fast, and learning more.

Jordan Harry is 21 years old, he’s given Ted talks, teaches 4000 students via his online courses and… If that’s not enough to motivate you to learn more about him, I don’t know what will.

Now if I added that he offers all Waves Podcast listeners a FREE CLASS on his website… It would just be dumb not to do it ! All you need to do is send him a direct message on his Instagram account saying that you listened to him on Waves Podcast and he’ll give you advice on which class is best for you ! I mean come on ! That’s just awesome !

The fact that Jordan offered this without even me asking for it just shows how nice he is. And the way he shared so much information and so easily just confirms this generosity… And it was a very interesting convo !

As Jordan is the owner of Studyfast, we talked about learning. Obviously. He taught me how to find the best time in the day for me to work or study – which is late at night, unsurprisingly – before switching to the concept of overlearning, which consists in trying to apply some techniques and methods we already know to solve new problems… Which is never a good idea. He explains the importance of updating your knowledge and adapting it to each problem, teaches you how to get over 99% of your problems by just taking a walk…

This guy seems to have all the answers and luckily he’s willing to share. In fact it’s even his job, as he now gives classes in some very big companies and top UK universities.

Finally, he tells us about how he launched his business at a house party, his reaction after his first sale, and the importance of trying things, and giving without expecting anything in return. Karma seems to be very important for him and seeing the result, I might start to believe in it too ! He constantly gives out free content on YouTube and Instagram, talks to a weirdo who wants to start a podcast, and gives a Ted talk for free… Which is seen by millions of people who now want to buy his courses ! I mean if that’s not karma I don’t know what it is !

To sum up, it’s very hard to sum up everything Jordan teaches, and everything he said in this episode. It’s like a one hour long lesson, but without the boring !

If you want to start learning too, go check out his Instagram and his Youtube channel !

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