This is a super huge question and I didn’t even realize people needed answers to it. To be honest, I found mind quite easily, naturally, early… And I never had to struggle wondering what my passion was. I had other problems though, namely: “Should I pursue this? Should I try and make it my job?”. But this time I’m answering that question I never even asked. Well it’s not just me, actually. I’m helped by a friend.

Indeed, it’s through talking with a friend of mine who is trying to figure out what she wants to do with her life, what her passion is, that I realized this was an issue. She told me about her situation and to be completely honest, my first reaction was to be worried for her. Like: “Wow, really? And aren’t you scared you’ll never find out?”. Spoiler alert: She isn’t. Her self-help books and natural confidence have annihilated any chance of freak out, luckily.

The Art Of Confidence

To put it simply, her idea is that she shouldn’t be scared or worried of not knowing what her passion is because that’s not a “Now” problem. At 21 years old, she still has time to figure it out, and even if she were older, there wouldn’t be any point worrying about it as it wouldn’t make things happen faster anyway… Quite the opposite, actually. It would probably make her feel like she is doing something wrong, mess up with her mental health, and she might even end up forcing herself to do something creative that she doesn’t like. And as explained on the podcast, although “creative” seems like the new norm, as everybody seems to be trying to make a living off some artistic stuff, it doesn’t mean that it’s better. Forcing yourself to vlog or make videos when what you really want to do is making music would be just as bad/unhealthy as forcing yourself to work any other 9 to 5 job. So yeah, worrying would be useless.

This is about attitude. About accepting your situation to make the best of it. But does she actually DO to try and find her passion? Well as she says, she doesn’t have one passion but does have several interests. Things that she would like to try… So she just does it. Whenever something seems interesting to her she gives it a shot and sees how it goes. If she likes it, she goes a bit deeper. If not, you can always course correct if needed. Worst case she’ll just come back to where she is now – AKA having no idea what to do – and try something else!

Me and Kendrick

It might sound obvious for a few of you who are in a situation similar to hers but I can tell that we don’t all have this problem, and thus don’t all know about this issue.

Personally, it kind of happened to me naturally and magically at the same time. I was listening to a song by Kendrick Lamar called The Art of Peer Pressure (which is super awesome by the way, please check it out), closed my eyes and just saw a music video unfold right in front of me. With actors, scenes, close up shots, unzoom, travelling shots… Everything. I simply LOVED what I saw and felt like that was what I was supposed to do right away.

But it’s not that easy. I mean there are several steps to that sort of realization. This one made me understand that I wanted to make videos, and then I slowly drifted towards YouTube watching Swiss gamer Diabl0x9, and then switched to English content with Lilly Singh, I got interested in comedy with Craig Ferguson, Conan O’brien and tons of stand up comedians, and finally found out about vlogs with Casey Neistat which I loved too. So after these different steps, I went from “I want to make videos” to “I want to do vlogs and comedy”… Although that’s not the only things I want to do but let’s say they’re the main ones right now.

Another important thing is that some of these “realizations” will be kind of confirmed by other elements. For example I got interested in videos with Kendrick’s song, but it wasn’t like one single thing that made me change my whole life. It was the first time I thought about it, true, but then I also went to bed thinking about making a movie on a given topic and woke up with scenes and intrigues, like I had been thinking about it even in my sleep. I would then just get up and write these ideas in case I ever thought seriously about turning these stories into a movie… And it happened again and again, until I decided: “okay, I’d like to do it and my brain seems to have ideas to share, so let’s get to work”.


Again, it was super easy, simple, and natural to me, so if you haven’t had this sort of experience yet, I would advise you to NEVER force yourself or try to speed things up. If that never happens to you that just means you aren’t especially interested in videos… But you could do tons of other stuff! Music, painting… Or become an entrepreneur! Or just work at a company you really believe in!

I’m sorry if that sounds redundant but I really want to emphasize on the fact that being a creative is not better than any other activity. I mean it is if you, personally, are more into it. But if not there’s no shame in working for someone etc. In fact, it might be the healthier option for you, and in the end that’s all that matters: mental health, well-being, and happiness!

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