Headspace: Take Control of your Mind with Simple Meditation Sessions

1 October 2018

I used to wonder if meditation would reduce my stress. Now I know it does.

Sometimes you do something without knowing exactly why. Well, that’s what happened when I downloaded Headspace.

I first saw it in a YouTube ad, and needless to say: I watch so many stuff there that ads usually don’t have any effect on me. But this time, the melody was soothing, and the voice of the dude speaking was too… And yet I still passed it. A few times. But it kept coming back. I have to admit, it was pretty well aimed marketing, I had been looking for something like that for a while. I simply didn’t know these ads were literally offering me the solution I had asked for.

And one day I clicked on that ad, downloaded the app, and the next minute I was meditating for the first time. Let’s start by saying that it’s all very easy to use. The design, the illustration, the animations, the colors, it all makes you very comfortable right away. Then when the introduction session starts everything is made very clear to you. How you are supposed to breathe, what you should expect from this app, the difficulties you may face, and most importantly: that there is nothing difficult you must do when you meditate… So there’s no effort to provide, and nothing expected from your part. You just have to follow the voice of the narrator, who happens to be the founder of Headspace, Andy Puddicombe.

The guy used to be a buddhist monk, travelled accross Asia to learn about meditation and mindfulness, among other things. Would love to have him on the podcast by the way… But he’s pretty big now. He became famous through his talks on these topics and undoubtedly the calm he now naturally displays helped convincing a lot of people. That voice calms you down.

“Breathe in. Chill out.”

I would love to tell you all the details of what you actually get to do at each session, how it feels etc… But I doubt it would be of any help. The best thing is to find 10 minutes in your day, download the app, and just start. In fact, you can even dpick a 5 minutes session if you’re that busy ! I’m ready to bet that you feel better after this than you’ve been in a while. A feeling of peace starts growing in your body, giving you energy in the morning, but also helping you sleep at night. I used to struggle to fall asleep – I still do, but not that much anymore – and this app has greatly helped reducing the size of these bags under my eyes.

I have to say though, because I was pretty disappointed when I found out: it’s not free. Well, not entierly. The first 10 sessions are, because they serve as an introduction to meditation, teaching you the basics, but the many various other programs are only available to paying users. Now with that being said, I’d like to add that these 10 free sessions might be enough to change your life. Well, reduce your stress level, at least. It really gives you what you need to start meditating and I have started to create my own sessions very fast after this, and it works just fine for me. I might pay for a month to try, I just haven’t yet. I discovered it last month. So it’s pretty new to me.

So yeah, if you’re interested in feeling better (lol) you may want to check out that app. And if you’re a master procrastinator like I am, please trust me on this one, you don’t want to miss it. In fact, you know what? You’ll come back to Waves later.

For now, if you’re on Android just click here. If you’re on iPhone it’s here. Now go ahead and:

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