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Okay first, let’s talk about my guest, Francis James, actor and lead singer of Suspicious Minds, an awesome band that will release its first album on March 1st, and which you should definitely check out. I found it on Instagram when Francis contacted me, I had a listen and went “woaw, okay. Let’s do this then!” and here we are! At first i thought it would be cool to get the whole band in but quickly realized how much of a mess it would’ve been to ask questions while the others wait and avoid talking at the same time… I mean it did happen with only the two of us so imagine if we were more…

I’ve got dreams to remember

Anyway, Francis and I talked about a super wide range of topics, which – as you probably know by now – I deeply love. Like seriously. We started talking about the name of his band, a reference to Elvis Presley‘s song Suspicious Minds, and ended up talking about love and relationships at one point… I mean… What?

But the heart of this episode is probably my “epiphany” ( I just learnt that word ) when he explained to me the influence his wife had on him, especially when she told him that it was nice to have dreams, but it was time for him to focus on having goals. Wow. I guess I didn’t think about it cause I’m not married… Maybe? But what a very important thing to highlight! I myself have always had very big dreams, to the point that my friends and family used to make fun of me whenever I talked about my future projects etc… They were big, they were good… But I had literally no plans to reach them. And even when I started to work on planning, all my hopes depended on others who told me they’d help me… And never did.

This lead to a long period of “life is sh*t anyway” that professionals might call depression, during which I sort of stopped dreaming. So yeah, what I’m saying is that it seems like having goals helps reaching dreams, and reciprocally, NOT having goals ends up killing your dreams… Which definitely proves how linked these two notions are. Luckily, I naturally found a way to get out of my “eating chips for breakfast” period (I have a ton of these depression euphemism by the way) and got back on track after that belly infection I had. And no, I’m not going to write a page about how almost dying changed my life AGAIN… But… I mean if you really want to learn about that you can go check out my profile on Medium.

But what exactly are these goals that help dreams come true?

Well obviously, they come in different shape or form, depending on what your dreams are. If you want to be a football player then do not try my watching-tutorials-until-my-eyes-close routine cause it won’t work for you. But… Well in my case it IS helping me a lot… We’ll talk about it more in next week’s episode by the way. But to give you an idea, for Francis to get more into music, a few steps were: to start making music, bring people together to create a band, find a way to make things work over the internet, schedule photo shoots, find someone to book them for a tour accross the East Coast of the United States… And now the next one is to release an album, and go promote it on tour during Summer! Seems easier when you break things down right? I mean it does seem way more reachable to see all these different steps layed in front of you than just saying: “I want to be a musician!” and having no idea where to start… Right? Now say thanks Francis.

Real Men Do.

And obviously we talked about many other things that are just as important, interesting, and that you guys should definitely hear about but… I can’t sum up a whole one-hour conversation in a single article, unfortunately. Among these, one that I find particularly interesting these days is the evolution of masculinity and the fact that men are now allowed to have emotion and show them without being seen as “girly”. I mean obviously some people may find it girly to cry but THEY are the weird ones now, and I have hopes this way of thinking might become even weirder and weirder in the future.

In fact, Francis also underlined the link between having emotions, provoking emotions, and being an artist. To him, this is how it all started. At first he wanted to make people laugh as much as possible and then noticed how many emotions you can create as an artist, actor or singer, which kept him going and lead him to Waves Podcast today. It’s all for emotion. Add to this the little bit of confidence artists need to believe in their craft and actually start working on their future, setting goals etc, and there you go: this is a 101 on how to become an artist. Emotion and confidence. These are the two main elements every guy you see on Netflix or Spotify is focusing on, and has turned into the keystones of his life.

It’s hard to conclude on this because I’m not even sure there is a conclusion to add here. These are life theories… Knowledge that Francis kindly shared with us through his answers, and we just need to incorporate them into our daily lives and decision making process. Oh and yeah, I did forget to mention that we played a few games again, just like last week with Sober! Chinese portrait for the win! So if you want to learn stuff, get motivated, inspired and maybe laugh a little… Please have a listen on iTunes, Spotify, iHeartRadio , YouTube and all the other podcast platforms… And don’t forget to leave a review on Apple Podcasts or iTunes too! 😉


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