Courtney Diamond is the host of a podcast called We’re All Human in which she talks about a wide range of subject, from relationships to… Well whatever comes up. I LOVE it. She also has a Twitch channel where she does livestreams playing video games such as The Last Of Us… Which I also love. And finally, she also writes articles on her website, on topics as various as the ones mentioned in her podcast. She can talk about any topic and teach you stuff, and that’s what she did in this episode. Oh and I don’t think I’ve ever laughed that much during an interview.

You’ll find yourself on the way

Courtney quit her job a while back in order to become her own boss and be able to decide on her time schedule, and it wasn’t that easy at first. Obviously, it came after a period of doubt, which started right after she started her blog. Apparently, writing about important life topics brought her to think about her own life and whether she was living it right or not… And she thought she wasn’t. She started to do freelance work, from editing stuff on her computer to walking dogs in her neighbourhood, and her blog’s audience started to grow in the meantime.

That lead her to be invited on podcasts, a creative outlet that she particularly appreciated… And she thought that starting her own podcast might be a good idea. So she did it! Through this new creative outlet, she realized even more that she had become what she calls a “shadow artist“, someone who wants to be an artist but lacks the confidence to do it all the way through, and thus ends up working in a creative field without being completely free creatively. Working for someone. For example, making videos for others when all you want to do is creating your own stuff.

What’s your niche though?

Just like me, she had to learn how to market her stuff, and she wrote a few very interesting articles on the topic, which you should definitely read. The one I found most interesting is the one which deals with niches – say it out loud – because it echoes to a problem I personally have. She and I both like very different things. We both like gaming and podcasts, we are creative but can’t stick to only one outlet, which is supposed to be bad nowadays. Creators are supposed to have a NICHE, AKA ONE thing they do, that people can identify easily, and that’s it. Or at least that’s how most people understand it – including me, not gonna lie.

But Courtney explained that niches are more of a tool than a necessity, and that you don’t really have to just stick to one, but more like do what you want to do and see under which category the result falls. People will choose your niche or you will on your own, but the process should guide you anyway. Plus you don’t have to pick something that sums up your whole personality, but simply one side of it. One aspect of your creativity.

Is bad good?

One thing I particularly loved is when Courtney reminded me that a bad event – or what seems like so at first – is not necessarily all bad in the end. Most of the time, it might even evolve into something kind of positive, because of what you will learn from it. In my case, my almost-dying-before-20yo experience turned out pretty positive, as it made me realize a lot of things about myself and what I really wanted to do, as I explained in last week’s bonus episode.

Really, most of the time – not always, I know – it’s up to you to turn a bad event into a good experience. And the way you do this is by thinking about it and trying to find positive aspects and change your behaviour based off this reasoning. You will obviously not get transformed right away but it can have a positive impact on your life overtime, and that’s something that depends on you. Something you are able to control.

“Hopefully…” But really, you’re in control

Courtney said it a few times, people tend to hope more than they take action. We tend to hope more than take action, actually. I have spent a year studying how the way we speak can shape our minds and other people’s understanding of one unique idea, how the way you express something can change its meaning… And this is the perfect example. Saying “hopefully” should normally imply that it doesn’t only depend on us. You can either refer to God’s will if you’re religious, or fate, or luck… Whatever. But it’s actually all up to you in most cases. What you end up doing with your life depends on you 100%.

I mean I’m not really religious so I don’t want to offend anybody, but even if you are, I think it’s safe to say that God will always want what’s best for you, right? So if you want to… Say you want to become an artist, God probably wants it too. Therefore, for this to happen, all that matters is whether YOU actually take action to move towards this goal right? God will allow it. And if you don’t believe in God it’s the same, obviously. Your life is entierly between yours hands, and you can’t ever mention the concepts of “luck” or “hope” when it comes to your future, because we all know that these don’t really count.

What’s the worst that could happen?

If you don’t take that chance to do what you like, chances are you will regret it. I talked about the time I started to make Vines seriously and regularly 2 months before they announced they would closed the app down… And I can tell you I regret it. Not only because I was stupid for not doing what I wanted to do, but because you then have to live with one awful question: What could have happened? I mean my videos seem to be okay. I’m not more stupid than anybody else… So had I started making Vines when the app was released… I would probably be more successful now. Maybe not Liza Koshy famous but at least have a little audience, right?

And that’s what you don’t want to happen for you. We say it almost every week but this episode is probably the most motivating ever, given Courtney’s ability to make you think about life-changing topics while making you laugh at the same time. You really don’t want to miss out. So feel free to listen to this episode on iTunes, Spotify, iHeartRadio and all the other podcast platforms.


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