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Celinne Da Costa is an amazing writer, storyteller and human being who used to work a 9 to 5 job she didn’t love that much. She quickly realized it was killing her creativity so she decided to drop everything and go travel. For a year, she slept on friends’ couches all around the world and met people from very different cultures and… I mean let me just start by saying how happy I am I even got a chance to talk to her, and how grateful I am that she was so open and willing to share her story with everybody, even giving us tips we can use in our own everyday life.

Stop blocking your truth

I guess it would be a good idea to start by explaining why I chose this title out of all the awesome quotes Celinne said in this episode. Spoiler alert: It’s cause I related SO MUCH. Anyway. Ok. So. When I asked her whether she had always known she would be a writer, or if, quite the opposite, she had forced herself not to be “too” creative at one point of her life, Celinne was very quick to answer. No. She’d always LOVED to write, but had slowly given in and listened to the usual “You need to work hard to make a living”, which made her leave her creativity aside.

So despite being aware of that passion, Celinne got a 9 to 5 job that she wasn’t crazy about. It’s not that she hated it but… It just wasn’t IT. She was simply doing something people recognized as a respectable activity in order to fit in an American society that values hard work more than anything else. As an immigrant, she struggled a bit before accepting that US way of life that puts work ahead of everything, including self-care, wellbeing etc. The consequence is quite obvious: she got stuck in a life that was not really hers but more like the one people wanted her to have, and it didn’t make her happy. This feels like a sadly very common story that we’ve all heard way too many times… Some of us might even know people in a similar situation right now. Add to this a chronic depression she has always had to deal with her whole life and… Well this “common” story gets even more sad.

But Celinne is unique and her rather drastic reaction shows it. She started to save up in order to be able to quit her job and travel around the whole world, as I told you before, discovered different cultures, met different people, and fell in love with their stories. She wanted to document everything as much as she could, and, in a way, go back to her “roots” by getting in touch with her creative side, her writer self. And that’s when she realized that these stories people were sharing were very valuable, they defined them. She noticed how important storytelling is for us human beings. It became her story to tell others’ stories, and she started to share and share and share…

She got to a point where people noticed her on social media, and brands got interested in her newfound talent for storytelling, and since she was about to reach the end of her trip, she decided to try and make it her job by starting a business and becoming an entrepreneur. A logical conclusion to an amazing journey that took a young child who loved writing, through all the stereotypes and peer pressure society has to offer, and eventually brought her to a place of peace of mind where she could finally do what she had always wanted to do: tell stories.

Wait a minute.

Celinne also emphasized on the fact that everything is not perfect in her life right now, and that it will never be… And I love that honesty too. Indeed, as opposed to many entrepreneurs that¬† glamourize their job by showcasing the highs and hiding the lows, Celinne stays 100% real about what her life is actually like. Sure, she does work on her laptop near a beach from time to time, but she has struggled a lot to save up money and launch her business, she does work super hard and has to refuse to go out with friends quite often. I feel like it’s important not to forget that and see the bigger picture, in order to make sure that you do something because you like it, and not just cause of the perks you think you might get from it.

In the same way, she also mentionned her chronic depression and the fact that it does come back from time to time. And although she is now able to deal with it a little better, by accepting it and simply writing as much as possible to let all her feelings out… It’s still there. It’s just not that big anymore. In fact, this is probably the best advice I’ve ever gotten to fight depression: writing a LOT to analyze your feelings and get a more objective eye on what’s really happening in our life. Courtney Diamond does it, Stephanie Kwong does it, Nabeelah Munshi does it, Hannah Siddiqui does it… Almost all of my guests who have had that problem solved it that way, so… You might want to try it too.

Saving Emotions For Rainy Days

It’s important not to confuse “depression” and simply “feeling down”. That’s why Celinne made a difference between these two things she experiences quite often. Feeling down is natural and those moments end just as naturally. Her advice is to try and “build” on our “up moments”, doing as much as possible and simply enjoying life, so that we can accept our “down moments” more easily and have time to take care of ourselves, breathe a little, and reflect. Celinne describes this in the most amazing way when she calls this “Saving emotions for rainy days”. During those rainy days, she reflects and uses this connection to herself, all these emotions that you might call “sadness” but are more like “sensitivity” are a key to create more. She says some of her best work comes from those rainy days, and… I think it’s a very interesting approach that certainly helps to tone down our usual reaction of “Oh no, I’m getting emotional, let’s push down these emotions just to be safe”. Because if you do that, you might miss the best of yourself, you’ll just ignore a part of who you are and the consequences can be pretty serious.

Celinne creates from both Darkness and Light and I find this incredibly inspiring and motivating, so I wanted to leave you on that note: Don’t ignore your emotions. Don’t ignore your dreams. And please stop blocking your truth.

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