This is the first “bonus” episode of Waves Podcast. It’s also the first time I ever talk to you guys directly, and the first time an episode has such a weird title. Coincidence? I THINK NOT !

So you make bonus episodes now?

Yeah. These bonus thingies are going to be a way for me to express myself a bit more with the podcast, without actually interviewing anyone. They will be an outlet to tell you personal stories – relevant ones, obviously, not what I ate for lunch – and hopefully interact a bit more with your. For example, I would love to record special episodes with my listeners, asking THEM questions, or answering their questions… That sort of things. And this will be done through these bonus episodes too. It’s also a way to diversify Waves Podcast a little and see what you guys prefer: if you like longer episodes, shorter ones, conversations… Etc etc.

Dat title tho.

For this first attempt, I wanted to talk about something I find especially important. Something I think we all need to think about: Happiness. To do that, I thought I would tell you a personal story that has a lot to do with my current “happiness” – although it doesn’t mean i’m ALWAYS happy, obviously, it’s more of a general state. That’s why you’ll hear me talk about my depression and my one week holiday at the Jacques Monod Hospital in my hometown. Two “sad” events that are somehow linked, and that I have managed to turn into more positive narratives overtime. Indeed, these are both the expression of a similar problem: the fact that I didn’t listen to myself enough a few years ago.

I used to think that whatever I felt was not important, and that I could just fight my feelings as much as needed. That the way I felt had no link with the way I behaved… Which is DUMB, I know. I mean… Now I know but I didn’t before. My ability to avoid paying attention to myself, to force myself to study law even though I hated it led me to depression. And my incredible talent for repressing my physical pain led me to hospital. And even though the results may seem a bit different, their origin is the exact same : I didn’t listen to myself.

It doesn’t explain the title though…

Oh but it does. See, this all made me realize one thing. Human beings need to let some steam out, no matter what they’re doing, and no matter how. They must try and find a way to do something they like during their week because otherwise… Their lives are at risk. They might explode just like a pressure cooker. Cause yeah, a pressure cooker is a recipient that contains steam which is released constantly through a safety valve. If there wasn’t any valve… It would explode and destroy your house.

Same for us. We have to express ourselves somehow. And keep in mind, I’m not saying you have to quit your job to do what you like, because I know some prefer to work for someone and that’s completely fine by me as long as you’re happy. BUT, you cannot ONLY work for someone else. You need to do something you like too. Find a passion, and practice it It can be painting, sports, baking… I don’t know and I honestly don’t care that much. All I care about is that you actually go ahead and do it.

Some of you might know what their passion is already. Other might not. It’s fine. Just take a few hours next week to do nothing but dream and imagine what you could do, and what you might enjoy… And then just try it. Maybe you’ll be disappoited, maybe not, but in any case THAT will help you let some steam out. Live outside of the job you may not love that much.

Weird metaphor… But when’s the next bonus episode?

Soon, probably. I’m not sure yet but I do have a few other topics you guys could be interested in, so it’s really up to you. If you like these shorter episodes, you can go ahead and leave a comment here, on youtube, or a review on apple podcast telling me what you think… And if you like it there will one bonus each month ! You decide !

Meanwhile, you can find this episode and all the other ones on iTunes, Spotify, iHeartRadio and all the other podcast platforms.

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