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I don’t know if you know Andrew James already, but you definitely should listen to his story. Andrew is a Youtuber who currently has 113,641 subscribers – this number will probably be higher when you read this – and is only 17 years old. I discovered him through his filmmaking tutorials and loved how unique his style was, the way he makes us get to know him and learn about his personality through his super well edited videos… So it was amazing for me to talk to him.

As I said on this episode of Waves Podcast, I had a ton of questions to ask him so it was super hard to select the ones I should ask… So I just went with the flow of the conversation, and tried to orientate it towards his story more than the technical aspect of being a Youtuber, which might not be interesting for most people. I mean I did talk about it because that’s what he does, but I feel like we really got to learn about him and the way he sees his future, his goals and himself.

17? No way!!

That was my first thought when he told me his age. I know that judging on someone’s age is not the most relevant thing to do, that everyone’s got their own story, their own rhythm, and that some “succeed” earlier than others… But come on! This is impressive and I feel like it must be acknowledged!

And I’m not only talking about his YouTube accomplishment by the way. Andrew also showed an intellectual maturity in the way he understands life and his dedication to work hard and reach his goals as soon as possible. Next one? Becoming an freelance photographer and videographer while keeping growing his channel as fast as it is right now. Tough one but nothing impossible for him.

Focus on one thing

I didn’t ask what the key to YouTube success was but Andrew gave it anyway. When asked a question about what he would have wanted to know or to improve when he was younger, he shared this one trick that he thinks can bring success to anybody, no matter what they do. I think it proves how much this guy has YouTube written in his DNA, how much he loves the platform, which is also something I think a lot of new Youtubers don’t understand.

Anyway. This trick is: CONSISTENCY. Now I know you may have heard that before since most youtubers talk about it in their videos, but Andrew did something most don’t:  he explained what he meant by it. There are two types of consistency: Consistency in what you do, and in frequency. For example, if you start a gaming channel, you can’t just make a video completely off-topic and expect people to like it as much as they did the others. In the same way, if you usually upload once a week, spending three weeks without uploading will hurt your channel. I mean, doesn’t it make sense?

See, I’ve been guilty of this a LOT recently. My Youtube channel is probably the most irregular on the platform and everytime I decide to start posting more, something happens that forces me to postpone… In fact I’ll talk about this in my next video. Anyway, so I was aware of that frequency problem I had, but had never thought about the type of content I made. I mean don’t get me wrong, I know about niches and marketing and all that, but I never actually took time to assess what I do and see under which categories it falls… And whether or not I think someone would subscribe to my channel upon discovering it.

In my case, I think that my personality sort of saves me, as everything I do sort of has a bit of comedy in it. I’m not saying I’m a joke, but even the videos I find “serious”, as they deal with real important topics, do have a few jokes in them and have quite a lighter tone… But it’s pure luck! Now that I’m thinking of starting a little “show” on Youtube that will be released every week, I’m starting to wonder about vlogs and how I could make them in a way that goes well with that show… And should I have another show too that’s different but still comedy? I don’t know! So many questions!! Please come back Andrew!!!

Hustle Porn.

One thing I knew about Andrew is that he liked New York City and the city’s biggest Youtuber Casey Neistat… And a few days before he and I talked, Casey posted a video on his channel talking about Youtube Burnout, AND the concept of Hustle Porn and the debate that revolves around it. Now what’s hustle porn? Well first: don’t worry, it’s safe for work. It’s simply the fact that some people and movies romanticize the hard work that leads to success, selling an idea that looks much better than how it actually feels. For example, creating Facebook seems super fun and easy if you watch The Social Network… But it was probably a lot different in reality.

The consequence is that many see that “hustle” thing as an easy/glamorous activity when it actually isn’t… Which in turn makes them either feel bad for not hustling enough and not being successful, OR feel bad for working a lot harder that they thought they would have to.

Andrew James talked about this concept and reminded us that although he himself is on what he calls his “daily grind” to post three videos a week, he is also aware that work is not ALL, and that you should try and find a balance between working hard and taking care of your own well-being. In fact, we suspect that it might one of the reasons Casey Neistat recently slowed down his YouTube channel, posting a few videos a week instead of his former daily vlog… He might have just gotten lost in all this too… So be careful with that!

We talked about this topic a LOT and I loved confronting my French chill-vibed education to Andrew’s super efficient mindset as it helped me learn a lot about myself and how I could improve on that. But that’s not all, we talked about many other interesting topics such as bullying, motivation, inspiration and played a few silly games too! So feel free to have a listen on iTunes, Spotify, iHeartRadio , YouTube and all the other podcast platforms… And don’t forget to leave a review on Apple Podcasts or iTunes too! 😉

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