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Stephanie Kwong : Check Your Beliefs!

Ok this interview has been recorded for WAY too long but I had to take a little break so I could come back with amazing episodes of Waves Podcast! Plus I went to ski, and I find it hard to edit while schussing down a mountain. Anyway. Stephanie Kwong is a hypnotherapist, podcast host and mindset mastery coach who I've been trying to have on the podcast for a few months now, but this super busy badass girl was obviously very hard to book. Not because she wasn't interested but because she works a lot between her business, her podcast and her own self. Ironically, these are also the exact reasons I wanted to talk to her.

Where to start?

Stephanie knows a lot about how the human brain works and how we can use it to our own advantage in order to grow and feel better in general... And this knowledge that mixes brain science with psychology and quantum physics seems like a perfect bundle of make-your-own-recipe-to-happiness. What I mean by that is that, as she made it clear, there's no unique solution to find happiness and be successful. It sounds obvious but a solution that worked for your favorite entrepreneur celebrity will probably not work for you because it doesn't match your need and your own personality. Trying to force yourself to follow a rule that does not go well with you is just a waste of time and could potentially have a repulsive effect that makes you think "f*ck it I'm never gonna make it, I quit"... Which is not what we want. The perfect solution does not exist. What you should look for is a solution that is right for you. To help you with this, Stephanie told us (almost) everything about the mechanism of the brain so that we can, once we understand it, start to work with it and shape our beliefs in a way that will help us reach our goals. Oh yeah and pay attention to that word, "belief", that's definitely a keyword here.

What's a belief?

I will try not to paraphrase her too much here, but a belief is basically a set of knowledge that has been forced upon us since our birth. They can be good (or just facts) like "I believe I can NOT fly" but also be very bad, like say "I'm not good at school so I'm stupid". They can originate in your parents' opinions, your teachers', society in general... Or even yourself sometime, as a child's brain is quick to misinterpret adults' words and draw unfortunate conclusions. These shape the way we act and see ourselves both consciously and unconsciously, and that's where it gets crazy! We think we decide what we do of our lives, what's in our reach or not... But we really don't. Our subconscious is 95% of our decision-making and most of us have no idea what it thinks and why it thinks that way. Therefore, being able to dive into it and to check your beliefs is key if you want to make choices completely freely. Once you're free from these old not-updated-to-what-your-life-actually-is thoughts, you can start moving on and actually manifest what want.

Law of attraction, quantum science and brain waves

If you're a regular here you probably what the law of attraction is. But if you don't let's just say that it's a rule that works just like gravity (all the time, all around us) that makes positive energies attract other, so if you want something you need to be positive, manifest it, and at one point you'll get it. This is very simplified and it obviously doesn't work that easily, so Stephanie did correct the common interpretation people have of this concept. For example, she added that you also have to ACT and work towards what you want. Not only display a desire to reach it. I was fascinated by everything she said about quantum science and how we are all surrounded by energy at all time, and how THIS energy rules what we actually get in our lives. I took the example of a guy who gets with a girl and all of sudden becomes a lot more attractive, and she analyzed each level on which this change of situation impacts HIM. From his posture, his mindset, all the way to his brain waves... Everything in him changes, making him more confident and attractive. Oh yeah, let's talk about brain waves and vibrations of the body in general. When she talks about energy, Stephanie often adds the idea of vibration which I'm a little more familiar with. It's the idea that your body emits vibrations that go out to the world and come back bringing us stuff, making things happen etc. In a way, you could see these things that will happen to you as your future, which means that these vibrations have an impact on your future... Which is crazy. But how do you do that? Well these vibrations that have an impact on your future AND your wellbeing come mainly from your brain and heart. Stephanie first talked about the brain and how working on our mindset by updating our beliefs and focusing on positivity through meditations and tons of other methods, will help you change the way your brain vibrates... And in the long run your heart too. The consequence is that inserting positivity will attract more positivity and put you in a vertuous circle that will hopefully last for a good while! Again, there are different ways to reach it that will be more or less efficient depending on your personality and the situation you are in right now. But Stephanie told us everything we need to know in this episode so you HAVE to check it. You owe it to yourself! I'm not even overselling it, it is slowly changing my life! Meditation, repetition, and doing it at the right times of your day, where your brain is ready for it... This will help you get there! Si please listen to this episode of Waves Podcast on iTunes, Spotify, iHeartRadio , YouTube and all the other podcast platforms... And don't forget to leave a review on Apple Podcasts/iTunes too!
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Shereen Kassam: A Way To Get My Voice Back

Shereen Kassam is a comedian and host of the podcast Creative Breakthrough... And she's also my guest this week. The reason I wanted to talk to her is not only that I love her podcast - although that probably played a part in it - but more that I find her story quite inspiring. Last week, I talked about how I found my passion and how naturally it happened, without me having to force it or anything... It just "came to me". Well Shereen has quite a unique story. Her first contact with comedy was when she went to watch a show, and did NOT appreciate it. I mean, she didn't like the show but fell in love with the world of comedy, and stand-up in particular. What amazed her was comedians' ability to talk about what they were feeling and express themselves with complete freedom. As a muslim in the post 9/11 United States, she explained that she had started to feel like she wasn't represented anymore... As if she didn't have a voice. But comedy provided a new way to express herself.

I want my money back

Paragraph title directly taken from Margareth Thatcher's anti-EU speech in the British parliament, even if we're now a month away from a Brexit that will most likely cause a crisis in the United Kingdom... I know it looks bad but let me explain. First, this is a reference to the fact that Shereen grew up partly in the UK. Second, that's basically what she told the manager of the venue in which this show she hadn't enjoyed had taken place. She wanted a refund because the show was just not funny enough... Bold move, right? Well wait for the even more bold answer from that guy, who told her "Well I'll give you your money back if you go on stage and give it a try. It's not as easy as it looks." ... And there you have it. All the ingredients needed for someone to switch from a corporate-career-driven Shereen to completely change the course of her life. She went on stage and the way she describes her experience is so perfect I actually have to quote her. "You've ever tried sky-diving? No? Well compared to stand-up, sky-diving is pretty boring. It's fun for the first few seconds when you're falling but then there's the parachute and it's just you waiting to finally land. But stand-up is pure thrill. It's exhilarating."


So yeah, I learnt a new word: exhilarating. And I also got the confirmation that I might be interested in trying stand-up. But other than that, I was amazed by how beautiful this story was and how perfectly timed everything was. I mean, Shereen had this need to express herself but wasn't really aware of it. She had never gotten even close to arts or acting... Let alone comedy! In fact, when her parents later found out about her new passion via a video of hers someone forwarded them... They didn't understand. Her mom even thought she was stripping so... Needless to say they didn't really love the idea that their daughter was going on stage to tell jokes and make people laugh. Nobody ever told her "oh you're funny, you should be a comedian". All she was meant to do was study, get a good job and make money... Which I'm sure is the case of many of you. I mean at least I'm assuming so because I was in a very similar situation. Get good grades, be a lawyer, don't study art, don't do art, just work and make money. That doesn't mean that our parents didn't want us to be happy of course, but it was just not a viable option in their mind. It was not something that was worth working hard in the hope of maybe turning it into a job. But guess what? She did it anyway.

I just learnt how to make it work

This necessity to express herself, this love for comedy and the chance that was offered to her... It certainly did fuel her imagination and she soon started to think about making jokes as job and not a hobby. Now keep in mind, I keep describing this story as "natural" because of how perfectly it happened, almost as if it was written by someone somewhere. It wasn't the result of her trying hard to find a passion or anything, it came to her more than anything else. BUT, that doesn't mean it wasn't difficult, obviously. From dealing with shady promoters to making fun of hecklers while making sure you're not being too harsh and they're not going to wait for you outside after the show... It wasn't easy either. In fact this paragraph title is directly taken from our conversation, as Shereen said: "If you really want to do something you make it work. So I just learnt how to make it work". She had to find time to write, to study, to practice and to perform comedy WHILE having a full-time job. That doesn't sound easy now, does it? But whenever you feel that passion, that "burning desire" to do it, as Nate Rose puts it, you just find a way. Not because you want to, but because you NEED to. Because Shereen had something to say, because she wanted people to hear it, and because she simply found comedy f*cking cool.

What about the podcast?

Yeah, I know. That's how rich this episode is: I've written a whole article based on barely a half of all Shereen and I talked about. The other half was basically me asking her about how she started the podcast and her telling me how much she prepared for it, and yet how surprised she was by the reaction she got. Cause yes, Creative Breakthrough is a very successful podcast and there's a reason for it. It is interesting, motivating and inspiring as Shereen shares her personal knowledge and stories to help us grow as creatives. Plus every other week she talks to a creative person who's "winning" as she says, from renowned TV writers to shoe-makers/sellers... This podcast simply has it all. Oh and the host is pretty funny too, in fact why don't you go ahead and meet her? You just need to listen to this episode of Waves Podcast on iTunes, Spotify, iHeartRadio , YouTube and all the other podcast platforms... And don't forget to leave a review on Apple Podcasts/iTunes too!
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Everybody’s Trash, But It’s Alright

Yes. This is a Valentine's Day edition of Waves Podcast. And yes. It's still me hosting.


In this bonus episode, I wanted to do something related to love, because that's kind of what Valentine's Day is about. Now if you're a regular around here, you probably remember me talking about this topic a few times recently, with Francis James, Andrew James and Sober, and mentioning every time that I am single. In fact Andrew and I even joked about our complete lack of skills in this area, which was fun but could let you guys think "So what the hell are you gonna tell us if you don't know anything about it?". Good point. I'm not super experienced in relationship, to say the least. BUT. I still think I have a few ideas that might be worth considering. In fact most people would talk about love in the context of a relationship, from a couple's point of view, and tell you how you can improve things, make it work and so on. Personally, I'd like to do the exact opposite. I'd like to talk about love from a single person's point of view, and focus on mindset, behaviour, attitude that might help you deal with single life. Cause let's be honest, that's all I really know. Obviously I'll take a few personal examples but also that of friends, or stuff that me and my guests talked about: Jordan Harry, Nabeelah Munshi, and the other previously cited.

Everybody's trash, but it's alright.

This is the title and the heart of this episode, so I feel like I have to start by explaining it a little. First off, it's a reference to a book by someone I would really love to talk with on the podcast. The book is called Everything's trash but it's alright, it's by Phoebe Robinson and it's not related to love or anything but I love it so much I thought it was a good way to just talk about it. Done. Now second thing I wanted to say is that it is NOT negative AT ALL. It could be understood that way but I want you to focus on the end: It's alright. See having a lot of single friends, guys and girls, who have had bad experiences with relationships - I'm talking girls cheating on guys, guys being jerks... A whole mess - I have heard a lot of complaints from one gender on the other. All my friends are the victims in these stories, the honest ones, the ones who should technically just move on and find someone better than their ex but... It's a bit more complicated. Instead of moving on, we all have a period of repressed rage against that person who made us sad, and transfer it towards their whole gender. In my case, spending time talking to a girl who actually had 2 boyfriends already did make me mad against all women for a bit... Which is stupid, of course. While I think that this type of reaction is sort of natural, it doesn't make it okay at all. Traditionally, I feel like the common sentence used to be "Men are trash" because men used to be able to do what they wanted to do without being judged way more than women. I mean it's still the case now, but I think that feminism is starting to affect the way women behave, and that they are finally starting to be equal to men in society. I mean it takes time for people's mindsets to change and actually acknowledge that fact - which seems obvious to most of us - but it is on its way. As a result, they can now act how they want. Do what they want. Does that mean feminism is bad for love? NO. A friend of mine recently sent me an article which had very obviously been written by a frustrated sexist dude that explained how women are now more powerful than men because they are now able to work and don't rely on them anymore. I mean I'm trying to sum it up but the idea was that things were better before because women had to settle with a guy to be able to live. That's f*cking dumb, of course, but it does prove that things are changing, and that men are not able to control relationships anymore, causing some to react and write articles like this. Yeah, now women are allowed to do what they want, they can be trash too, and that's great.

Great? How?

Well bare with me. Men could do what they want and not women, so some men were "trash" and women suffered. Now things are getting balanced and everybody can do what they want and be a jerk. Now Everybody's trash, or CAN BE trash, which means that things are finally fair. It might be new for men but it's actually just the way human beings as a whole work: some don't want the same things as others, and will screw you up in due time. Some people are bad, some aren't. But it's not defined by gender anymore. Although you might suffer more if you're not lucky, it also means that nobody's forced to stay with someone who disrespects them. A super cool girl might have been "forced" to be with a jerk in the past, but now she can do what she wants. So if you are a super cool guy you technically have more chance to find your match, no?

What's "trash" anyway?

That's another thing I wanted to talk about. Who decides who's trash anyway? This word is just based on your own personal opinion which differs from that person's own view of things. It doesn't mean someone's bad, it just means they're not the right for you. Maybe someone would love a more "free" relationship, or whatever else. The problem is more that you need to make sure of what each other wants and see if it's an actual "match". Not just a tinder match based on your Facebook likes and profile pictures. See? That brings me to my second part: Self love. You need to take time to think about what you want, focus on how you feel and be cool with yourself before looking for someone to spend your time with. That includes all kind of things. It's about well-being, peace of mind, self-love and all that. It's basically just finding yourself before searching for someone. It makes total sense to me, and I do subscribe to the idea that you can't build on unsafe foundations. First you have to prepare yourself and only then you'll be able to look for more. Another topic I find interesting is that you need to accept your single life to actually get out of it. What I mean by that is that, as Sober and I mentionned a few weeks ago, you shouldn't try to find someone just because you have to. You shouldn't feel like you are forced to do it socially to be accomplished. The norm is being single, not with someone you don't like. Jordan Harry also talked about his girlfriend who needed him to be alright in her life, and how bad that was for their relationship. They ended up breaking up for this precise reason: she wasn't able to live on her own, she didn't have those stable foundations and had already starting building a relationship on it. Finally, a word on confidence. Many guys complain that women like anybody with confidence and that only a-holes are completely confident in themselves... And there's some truth to that. First, yeah women like confident guys, because we all do. Again, it's not about gender. If we're being honest we all love confident people who seem like they know who they are, what they want, unstoppable, blablabla. Also, yes, those a-holes are confident because they have never ever questionned themselves, doubted, or anything like that, which could mean that they are more likely to find a girl than "normal" guys. Again, "normal" isn't the right word but you get it, like, "average guys" or something like that. But does that mean these average guys can't become as confident as a-holes? NO. They actually can! And how? Well by doing everything I mentioned above, working on themselves, introspection, knowing who they are. They don't need to fake a super manly man persona, they just need to figure out who they are and be honest about it. Then confidence will grow and hopefully help find the right person! Okay I know that this might be more helpful for men and seem like a dude's article but it is really not. Although I'm using mostly guy's experiences, I want you girls to noticed what's written between the lines here. Everything I just said also applies to girls, concerning confidence and introspection etc. AND you can add to this the fact that it is now okay to behave the way they want without feeling judged. I know having sex used to be seen as something good for a guy and bad for a girl but it is DIFFERENT NOW. You can be who you want to be even more than before so please, take that into account as you try and figure out what you want right now. If you just want sex it's fine, say it, maybe guys will be into it and maybe they won't, and same goes for guys. I really believe that this whole "People are trash" mostly comes from a lack of communication and that if nobody was scared to be judged they wouldn't feel like they have to lie. Okay now that's officially the longest article I've ever written here, but it's still like 50% of what I said in this episode of the podcast, so if you made it this far you should probably consider having a listen on iTunes, Spotify, iHeartRadio , YouTube and all the other podcast platforms... And don't forget to leave a review on Apple Podcasts or iTunes too! ;)
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Andrew James : Focus On One Thing And Stick With It

Please, do not miss this episode.

I don't know if you know Andrew James already, but you definitely should listen to his story. Andrew is a Youtuber who currently has 113,641 subscribers - this number will probably be higher when you read this - and is only 17 years old. I discovered him through his filmmaking tutorials and loved how unique his style was, the way he makes us get to know him and learn about his personality through his super well edited videos... So it was amazing for me to talk to him. As I said on this episode of Waves Podcast, I had a ton of questions to ask him so it was super hard to select the ones I should ask... So I just went with the flow of the conversation, and tried to orientate it towards his story more than the technical aspect of being a Youtuber, which might not be interesting for most people. I mean I did talk about it because that's what he does, but I feel like we really got to learn about him and the way he sees his future, his goals and himself.

17? No way!!

That was my first thought when he told me his age. I know that judging on someone's age is not the most relevant thing to do, that everyone's got their own story, their own rhythm, and that some "succeed" earlier than others... But come on! This is impressive and I feel like it must be acknowledged! And I'm not only talking about his YouTube accomplishment by the way. Andrew also showed an intellectual maturity in the way he understands life and his dedication to work hard and reach his goals as soon as possible. Next one? Becoming an freelance photographer and videographer while keeping growing his channel as fast as it is right now. Tough one but nothing impossible for him.

Focus on one thing

I didn't ask what the key to YouTube success was but Andrew gave it anyway. When asked a question about what he would have wanted to know or to improve when he was younger, he shared this one trick that he thinks can bring success to anybody, no matter what they do. I think it proves how much this guy has YouTube written in his DNA, how much he loves the platform, which is also something I think a lot of new Youtubers don't understand. Anyway. This trick is: CONSISTENCY. Now I know you may have heard that before since most youtubers talk about it in their videos, but Andrew did something most don't:  he explained what he meant by it. There are two types of consistency: Consistency in what you do, and in frequency. For example, if you start a gaming channel, you can't just make a video completely off-topic and expect people to like it as much as they did the others. In the same way, if you usually upload once a week, spending three weeks without uploading will hurt your channel. I mean, doesn't it make sense? See, I've been guilty of this a LOT recently. My Youtube channel is probably the most irregular on the platform and everytime I decide to start posting more, something happens that forces me to postpone... In fact I'll talk about this in my next video. Anyway, so I was aware of that frequency problem I had, but had never thought about the type of content I made. I mean don't get me wrong, I know about niches and marketing and all that, but I never actually took time to assess what I do and see under which categories it falls... And whether or not I think someone would subscribe to my channel upon discovering it. In my case, I think that my personality sort of saves me, as everything I do sort of has a bit of comedy in it. I'm not saying I'm a joke, but even the videos I find "serious", as they deal with real important topics, do have a few jokes in them and have quite a lighter tone... But it's pure luck! Now that I'm thinking of starting a little "show" on Youtube that will be released every week, I'm starting to wonder about vlogs and how I could make them in a way that goes well with that show... And should I have another show too that's different but still comedy? I don't know! So many questions!! Please come back Andrew!!!

Hustle Porn.

One thing I knew about Andrew is that he liked New York City and the city's biggest Youtuber Casey Neistat... And a few days before he and I talked, Casey posted a video on his channel talking about Youtube Burnout, AND the concept of Hustle Porn and the debate that revolves around it. Now what's hustle porn? Well first: don't worry, it's safe for work. It's simply the fact that some people and movies romanticize the hard work that leads to success, selling an idea that looks much better than how it actually feels. For example, creating Facebook seems super fun and easy if you watch The Social Network... But it was probably a lot different in reality. The consequence is that many see that "hustle" thing as an easy/glamorous activity when it actually isn't... Which in turn makes them either feel bad for not hustling enough and not being successful, OR feel bad for working a lot harder that they thought they would have to. Andrew James talked about this concept and reminded us that although he himself is on what he calls his "daily grind" to post three videos a week, he is also aware that work is not ALL, and that you should try and find a balance between working hard and taking care of your own well-being. In fact, we suspect that it might one of the reasons Casey Neistat recently slowed down his YouTube channel, posting a few videos a week instead of his former daily vlog... He might have just gotten lost in all this too... So be careful with that! We talked about this topic a LOT and I loved confronting my French chill-vibed education to Andrew's super efficient mindset as it helped me learn a lot about myself and how I could improve on that. But that's not all, we talked about many other interesting topics such as bullying, motivation, inspiration and played a few silly games too! So feel free to have a listen on iTunes, Spotify, iHeartRadio , YouTube and all the other podcast platforms... And don't forget to leave a review on Apple Podcasts or iTunes too! ;)
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Sober: Be Around People That Are Better Than You

Well... Seems like I got to talk to one of my favorite artists again. Back in October I had already had a very interesting chat with rapper Nate Rose on Waves Podcast. Well this week's episode is with his super talented friend Sober. Both are featured on one of my favorite songs of 2018 called Yes Man, a very chill vibed summer joint... So I was obviously delighted to be able to spend some time talking to yet ANOTHER up and coming artist and as a fan of his, I got super hyped when he told me about all the music he's going to release in 2019, starting with his new single Pretty Lies available now on Apple Music and Spotify. My first question was the most obvious one: why this stage name, Sober? And... Well I'm not going to give you the answer here, to make sure you actually have a listen - yeah, I'm evil - but I can say I was very surprised! Plus, as a content creator, or whatever is the appropriate term, this conversation was a weird mix of inspiration, introspection and realisation. Let me explain.

What is an artist?

I always try to understand my guest as much as possible and sort of get to know them and how they function. In Sober's case, I was amazed by how clearly he sees the path between where he is and where he wants to be. He seems to have decided what his goals were a while ago, and been driving towards them on cruise control ever since. He's not in a hurry, he knows it takes time and effort, so he just keeps working whenever he can and knows he will eventually reached his destination. I found this both inspiring and just straight up amazing. The amount of confidence and peace of mind it requires are so unnatural to me that it had to catch my attention. I mean, as an artist, you obivously need a lot of confidence to express yourself and share it on the Internet - believe it or not, Internet people aren't the nicest. No matter what you do, you are like a walking target to whoever will not be a fan of your work. This is just a fact that you must admit and deal with somehow if you plan on creating stuff and sharing them. But THIS right here, I mean the ability to set a goal and not freak out about whether you're going to reach it is amazing and realizing it sort of turnt me upside down. In the same vein, Sober has a clear vision of who he wants to be as an artist and gave me a few examples of artists he respects a lot, and I couldn't agree more with him. The first he mentioned was Chance The Rapper and his actions to try and help the school system in his hometown, which is obviously something that should be emulated by everyone who can. He wants to be honest with his fans and "get to a point where he can give back" which is super laudable. But having role models doesn't mean copying them. He made a point to clarify this. He wants to exist on his own and added that when a rapper just imitates another he might get a bit of attention but it just won't last for him, as people will quickly realize what he is doing, who he is, and his lack of honesty. Sober wants to have his own sound, as he says. Reach a point when people can hear a song and go "oh that sounds like Sober" just like we can identify Childish Gambino's style or Chance's voice. This is what an artist is, and I had never really thought of it. I mean I had the same vision but just never took time to think for a bit and focus on it. Being a guy who wants to make videos and stuff that could potentially qualify as art, it is definitely a topic that needed to be dealt with for me, and I can now see what this status means. All the door it opens and how you can use them for the better.

Human beings and stuff

But we also talked about stuff that have less to do with art and more to do with just human beings. He and I share the same passion for travels but unlike me, he is more impulsive by nature and doesn't think twice before going on a trip. For example, he mentioned a road trip across the USA that he did after dropping out of Uni... Well I dropped out of University too but... I spent my time working on other stuff. I never really took time to breathe. In fact, this is a topic I talked about on a Bonus Episode called Life Is A Pressure Cooker - weird title, I know, that's why I like it - as I shared my experience at this time. I was the kind of person that knows they feel bad, don't change their behaviour... And still wonder how things aren't better. Well the answer is simple: you need to breathe. To let some steam out. to do something else than your 9 to 5 job, or whatever activity is suffocating your spirit. The way Sober puts it was funny because it is exactly how I see things now looking back, he said "well maybe it's just that? maybe you just need an out? Maybe it's an easy solve!". That's how I feel when I think about it: I could have gotten MUCH better SO fast if I had just taken a bit of time to think a little. This interview was a perfect Waves Podcast-type cause it's a blend of what my guest does as a job, and who he is as a person, which is why I'm so proud to share it with you guys. We also had a lot of fun and laughed a lot, I started to do a few little games which was interesting too, and I'd love to know what you think of these. Anyway I got to start looking for another guest next week, I'll leave you to it, please have a listen on iTunes, Spotify, iHeartRadio , YouTube and all the other podcast platforms... AND LEAVE A REVIEW ON APPLE PODCASTS THANK YOU! ;)
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Aleise Kay : Building Your Finances Is A Mindset

Let me start by saying this: I am HORRIBLY bad at managing money. The words "saving" or "investment" provoke a sort of tiny seism in my brain. The thought of checking up my bank account online frightens me and causes severe anxiety peaks. That should be enough to show you how different me and my guest Aleise Kay are. Oh yeah, cause she's a coach in financial wellness and basically a pro at saving money and investing it. My complete inability to do what she does only adds to the admiration I have for her.

Do not save what is left after spending; instead spend what is left after saving.” ― Warren Buffett

And with such admiration comes a ton of questions. In fact I had so many I quickly realized I would have to try and pick the most important ones, the ones I really wanted to ask, so I decided I would divide it in 2 parts, with 2 sub parts each: first saving, with theory and practice ; then investment: with theory and practice again. And yes. I'm way better at organizing my interviews than my spendings. First, I wanted to try and understand how Aleise became so good at saving, her story, her little tricks etc... And while I thought I was going to end up taking notes for 30 minutes with like 15000 different tips, I actually learnt some even crazier stuff. According to her, what makes someone financially responsible is not only an ability to organize their spendings but a deeper kind of thing. Building finances is a MINDSET. *Mindblown* I had no idea that this interview would actually be linked to all the others but as Aleise explained it, the first step to take is to get to know who you are, what you want in life, to surround yourself with the right people, and read, learn, be open-minded. I mean obviously this is the shortened version of a super long conversation between her and I, but it's basically the core of what she said. You need to solve your problems with yourself, be aware of your spending issue, be conscious, and be ready to change. Otherwise you will never be able to save. You could spend $25,000 just as fast as you spend $2,000 if you don't take time to work on yourself first. Well-being. Self-help. This is the key for that too.

What about them tricks tho?

Well I could just copy everything Aleise said but I actually have to start working on the next episode right after I finish this article, so... Maybe just listen to the podcast? But since you're here and you seem cool I'll sum it up for you: have different accounts, separate your money into different types of spendings, and don't keep your salary all in one place because you'll want to spend it all. But again, she talks about it way better than I do so you should listen to her if you have a minute.

Once you've saved, you can invest

Aleise has had a very bad first experience with investments. She gave all her money to a scam company that was basically a pyramid scheme and lost it all when she was still super young. Now you'd think that sort of cold shower would annihilate any chance of future investment but... It didn't. In fact I have never had such bad experience but I'm the one scared of investing. Not her. Cause yeah, the big thing with investment is that we are scared of losing it. Makes sense. We're not trying to just give our money to any random dude on the street. We want to get more of it. And that's where stock markets show up in the conversation. Aleise said it clearly: she does buy shares and all. Now me, as a young guy from the French country-side, I'm not naturally into Wall Street, for two main reasons: Fear and morals. Fear comes from the risks of losing my money I mentioned above. It does make sense but it also doesn't. I mean she said it a few times: Yes, there are risks when you buy shares, but there's never zero risk. The more risky your move is, the more you can earn from it, so it's really up to me to decide what kind of investor I want to be. I could go into real estate, yes. But it's slow and you need a lot of money to get started. On stock markets you also have some rather stable companies that just grow very slowly, one dollar after the other, as opposed to those that fluctuate a lot. Again, the more risky the more money you get. And if, like Aleise you invest your money without expecting fast and super high returns, things will usually go easier. You don't have to stress out if a share falls $100 cause if you wait a little it will more likely get back to where it was before. There's no way to be SURE you'll make money that way, but there are different ways you can invest so you have to choose the one that suits you best. Again, it's about knowing what you want. Oh and morals? Well I've always thought that anybody that buys a share at some point of their life was trying to speculate. Aleise showed me right away how inaccurate that vision was. You don't have to be a trader spending the whole day buying and selling stocks. You can invest, and then check where you are a month later. That's her philosophy. And although this is probably not the fastest way to make money in this area, it also seems like the least stressing one... So I'd take this one any day. Oh and also it doesn't cause stocks prices to get higher, companies to close down, and economy to collapse. That's cool too.

How do I do that?

Okay so you should definitely listen to Aleise before doing this one. Maybe even talk to her on Instagram or schedule an appointment with her to make sure you know what you're doing. I mean you can also document yourself but that might be longer. I don't know, it's up to you but I really don't want you guys to go into this blindly. As cool as it sounds you can't just buy any shares and expect to make money. It's more complicated. You need to look at stats, pick the right companies... etc. Now once you've done that, there are apps you can use called Robinhood or Stash, which Aleise recommends. But again, don't go cray cray, it's real money you're investing. Think about who you are and what you want before doing this. For more on this topic, listen to the full episode on iTunes, Spotify, iHeartRadio , YouTube and all the other podcast platforms.
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Are You Taking Resolutions or Re-Solutions?

The end of December is challenging for a lot of people, as cases of depression rise drastically. And it's just as bad in January, when you're hit by New Year's Resolutions... Let me explain.

First off, yeah, people do get depressed more easily during Christmas and New Year. I was surprised too when I read an article about it, but experienced it myself just a few days later, so I can definitely testify that it's a real thing. Why? Well in my case it was caused by two elements. Christmas was the first to hit, with a huge family meeting and tons of people asking me what I'm doing with my life now, and the following unconcealed expressions that clearly said "ouch, really? I pity you". It wasn't that fun. And then there was New Year's Eve.

#NewYearNewme #TopNine2018 #Resolutions

The problem is not really New Year's Eve or how we celebrate it, but the tradition of New Year's Resolutions. #NewYearNewMe, right? Obviously I don't mean to kill your whole vibe and if you believe your resolutions will work, or know it for a fact, don't take this the wrong way. I am NOT saying that New Year's Resolutions are bad or don't work. I'm only saying that they are not a necessity and that they can be dangerous for some of us.

In fact, the real problem is not even resolutions themselves, but the social pressure that comes with them. It seems that we are all supposed to try and get our lives together in January, that we have to start working, or stop smoking, or procrastinate less instantly starting from January 1st. This can be seen on social media, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook but also on the ol' TV and even chats with your family! The main consequence of this is a form of pressure that might make you actually start doing something you wanted to do, or should have started doing long ago, like working out, for example... But that's not all. It also has an more perverse underlying effect: it makes you start the year with a well-being level below zero and the idea that your 2018 was not good enough. You need improvement. You need an update.

Change The World or Change Yourself

And you know what? Maybe you do. Maybe I do. Maybe everybody does. But changing yourself is a lot more work than just taking a decision at the beginning of the year. It takes time. It's an everyday mission, which by definition, makes the idea of starting at ONE single given moment completely irrelevant. You gotta start at some point, right. But it doesn't HAVE to be at the time peer pressure wants you to. It HAS to be when YOU feel ready to do it.

Because as I said, winter is challenging enough for you not to add a new responsibility to it. It is physically exhausting, we get sick more easily, our bodies change, we gain a little weight... And this is all purely natural. It's NORMAL. So why should we start to undertake a life-changing quest EXACTLY at the hardest time possible? Like, seriously. Why?

If you believe that this HAS to be done on January 1st, you clearly don't understand how this all works. You have a chance to change your life completely every time you wake up, every day. 365 times a year. Every hour, every minute. So sorry for repeating it but WHY THE FORK do you want to do it exactly at this moment? It just doesn't make sense. Even if you don't feel like Winter is that hard for you, it doesn't mean you have to do it exactly on January 1st. I mean you CAN, but you don't HAVE to do it at this time.

This is why I don't like New Year's Resolutions. They are a form of institutionalized forced personal growth process and I truly hate that concept as it sounds like a huge oxymoron to me. How can you get into "personal growth" forced by someone else? It is not personal if it comes from someone else, and how can you grow under pressure? If someone walked towards you angrily and went "BE HAPPY! NOW!" What would you do? A fake smile and then walk away as fast as possible. That's what you'd do. And that's what New Year's Resolutions are for most of us.

New Year, Same Resolutions

We start working out, stop smoking for a while, drink more water, sleep more... And then we get back to our old selves because it wasn't the right moment for us to do it. The year passes and we get to the next 31st of december, and try again. We keep the same list of stuff we want to improve, fail, and try again. This is what I call Re-solutions: solutions to our little problems that we do and re-do and re-re-do...

Eventually, we might get disappointed and not even try anymore, completely killing any chance to increase our well-being and self-confidence. This is the exact opposite of what self-improvement and personal development should be.disappointed

Again, don't get me wrong, resolutions are great. And personal development too. That's kinda what this podcast is about, right? But anything that makes people feel forced to do something is inherently bad for their well-being, which is why I find this tradition quite dubious, ironic and inefficient.

The Right Time Is Your Time

There are better times to start, and as you can probably guess it by now, I'm not going to tell you when it is. It's entierly up to you to decide when you are ready and when the conditions are right. I will however say that Spring, according to my personal experience and logic, seems like a more gentle season that should enable you to succeed a bit more easily. At least you won't have to fight against the cold. the right mom it's up to you to decide when it is . Just don't forget that any second is a new chance for you to do it. Don't wait too much cause you don't want to waste them either but... Still, don't worry. Hopefully you have a few hundreds of millions of them in stock.

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